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ya_Next, a second cue list for Ableton Live. 

Whenever you need to stay in a pre defined scene order ("cue list") but also want to jump around… ya_Next keeps you in check. 

It allows to build a cue list out of all scenes or just those starting with "§" in their name. This list is then presented in separate window (i.e. on a second monitor) and can be stepped thru with a single KEY/MIDI button (incl. select next scene on launch)… completely separate from what ever else happens in Live… The show goes on! 

This device, like all ya_devices, has been created out of a personal need many years ago and became an essential part of our show production process. 

It's not for everyone but who needs it… needs it badly and will never go back to the scary days of a single scene list. 


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